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10,000 square meters of modern production base

2500 tons

Storage capacity of 2,500 tons of raw materials and finished goods warehouses

45 million

Production capacity of 45 million cans per year


Years of struggles in the market makes Getsun realize that the base for a company is marketing and sales. Getsun has extended itself to domestic and overseas in the field of car cleaning supplies.
"The boundary of your stage depends on yourself". Faced with new opportunities and challenges, we take the customer's demand as the direction and regard the innovation as the motive force. Our goal is to make the company bigger and stronger and offer customer the best car care products.

Advanced laboratory and production equipment from top equipment plants in Switzerland and China

Covers more than 200 products and two powerful Brand : GETSUN and 4-X


Getsun owns a modernized production car care products base that covers an area of 10000 square meters.

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