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Vehicular methanol gasoline additive - price Methanol fuel oil

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-05
Vehicular methanol gasoline additive - price Methanol fuel our company is a technology transfer as the main business of production limited liability company, the company was founded, has always pursued 'good faith management, xin DE service' for the purpose of the service, continuously forge ahead, bold innovation, service object and every demand, is committed to providing efficient transfer of technology, to meet customer demand. Company address: chemical industrial park of vehicular methanol gasoline additive - price Methanol fuel oil. About methanol hurt car is really a difficult problem in the field of industry. Using methanol as gasoline must be to degeneration of methanol. The mature technology of methanol degeneration is the biological technology, biological alcohol additives have to solve the main problems of the methanol hurt car. So the right additives, methanol hurt car there is no problem. Gasoline here to share the use of a proportion can give full play to the performance, and gas &coal mixing effect is very good. Add some 30% of the biological alcohol in gasoline, 95% of cars power will ascend, fuel consumption does not increase, but also can save a lot of gas. If want to save a little gas, can increase the proportion of appropriately, about 60% when the power is not ascension, but the decline is not obvious. If again big proportion adding proportion is big, it must be power decreases fuel consumption will increase, fuel consumption will increase by about 10%. Because methanol is methanol and gasoline is gasoline, it both can't picture the equals sign. Should be used instead of gasoline, because it is effective to reduce the harmful gas of atmospheric pollution emissions, energy conservation, environmental protection, is conducive to the sustainable development of energy in the future. According to different project cooperation, also will follow different cooperation way, near stage, we provide the technology transfer ways of cooperation with partners is a paid one. To the quality management as the life, to customer satisfaction for the purpose, in good faith and the principles of management in a service cycle during the period of cooperation in order to facilitate the remittance, please use online payment; Cash payment; By means of bank transfer for cooperation. With convenient, safe, efficient, save the comprehensive services in return for the support and trust, the demand object our technology transfer with reasonable fees charged according to plan. Vehicular methanol gasoline additive - price Methanol fuel oil. Marketing and promoting government departments began mandatory, although more than 93 deal points, but people around me are employed to look down upon the state of mind, so I want to ask the real and the lines of authority - he tried - - - - - - - - - - - - The advantages and disadvantages of? Methanol gasoline additive, is a kind of new clean new energy environmental protection, for the car itself, a little or more applications. Before say hate advantage, to learn about the composition of the first. The composition can be divided into three part of industrial methanol and gasoline and additives. Three is be short of one cannot, keep in mind that the essential of additives, when you will be immediately industrial methanol and gasoline blending in the car application, erosion of metal materials for industrial methanol engine, vulcanized rubber swelling problem, ultra-low temperature rev. , is a high temperature gas resistance, therefore, be sure to add in dealing with this problem. Benefits: 1, can eliminate the engine and its reasonable carbon deposit in fuel pipe system software. Maintenance engine machinery and equipment, increase lifespan. 2, industrial methanol could increase of oxygen content in gasoline, can make petrol ignites more adequate, reasonable reduction of emissions of harmful substances in the sewage. 3, and the octane number is higher than the national standard of gasoline 3 to 5 companies, stronger driving force. Disadvantages: 1, if the additive is not pass, will lead to pay attention to the above damage to the car. Can in large proportion, ascend the characteristics of the car and not cause damage to the car, the important means that the technical content of additives, many industrial methanol content in the only 15% that less and less, important is additive quality is unqualified. At nine dragons new energy technology organisms alcohol compound modifier to industrial methanol to develop modified materials, reasonable processing industrial methanol car eight problems, maintain the long-term application of no loss of car of big accounted. Can do 85% so that the application of industrial methanol content. Our company is located in the chemical industrial park, since 2008 since its establishment, adhering to the good faith management, xin DE service service purpose, to follow the customer requirements, service innovation and improvement unceasingly, looking forward to get in to discuss with you. I firmly believe that our technology transfer can bring you a good user experience, meet the demand for higher demand object, sincerely welcome to contact with us. Above is the technology transfer of relevant information, please call our contact advisory
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