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Synthetic diesel - gasoline technology transfer Word of mouth Getsun provide good technology transfer

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-26
Synthetic diesel - gasoline technology transfer Mouth technology transfer we offer we adhere to the 'people-oriented, integrity first, proud of creating value' core idea, become the subject of the forward all the staff together. We provide the technology transfer of attention to detail, the service time is generally a service cycle, makes every effort to keep improving. Company leaders led all the staff, perfect management system and the service characteristics of the good faith management, efficient style of work, we get the needs of xiamen object consistent high praise. Synthetic diesel - gasoline technology transfer Word of mouth good we provide technology transfer. Our company is a professional team, skillful co. , LTD. , has a complete technology transfer and implementation of scientific management system. Set up the start object reached a cooperation with a large number of demand, and get good effect. We rely on established extensive business network across the country and rich professional experience, technology transfer get requirements on the object's support and recognition, provide good conditions for the development of the company. Marketing and promoting government departments began mandatory, although more than 93 deal points, but people around me are employed to look down upon the state of mind, so I want to ask the real and the lines of authority - he tried - - - - - - - - - - - - The advantages and disadvantages of? Methanol gasoline additive, is a kind of new clean new energy environmental protection, for the car itself, a little or more applications. Before say hate advantage, to learn about the composition of the first. The composition can be divided into three part of industrial methanol and gasoline and additives. Three is be short of one cannot, keep in mind that the essential of additives, when you will be immediately industrial methanol and gasoline blending in the car application, erosion of metal materials for industrial methanol engine, vulcanized rubber swelling problem, ultra-low temperature rev. , is a high temperature gas resistance, therefore, be sure to add in dealing with this problem. Benefits: 1, can eliminate the engine and its reasonable carbon deposit in fuel pipe system software. Maintenance engine machinery and equipment, increase lifespan. 2, industrial methanol could increase of oxygen content in gasoline, can make petrol ignites more adequate, reasonable reduction of emissions of harmful substances in the sewage. 3, and the octane number is higher than the national standard of gasoline 3 to 5 companies, stronger driving force. Disadvantages: 1, if the additive is not pass, will lead to pay attention to the above damage to the car. Can in large proportion, ascend the characteristics of the car and not cause damage to the car, the important means that the technical content of additives, many industrial methanol content in the only 15% that less and less, important is additive quality is unqualified. At nine dragons new energy technology organisms alcohol compound modifier to industrial methanol to develop modified materials, reasonable processing industrial methanol car eight problems, maintain the long-term application of no loss of car of big accounted. Can do 85% so that the application of industrial methanol content. Synthetic diesel - gasoline technology transfer Word of mouth good we provide technology transfer. Exhaust cleaner: there are ten big advantage: 1, 2, 3 huge market, all countries to support in place of petrol diesel 4, quality insurance company accept insurance 5, rapid cycling consumer products replace at any time convenient 6, 7, 8, 9 patents 10, rigid demand, economic environmental protection through strict process deployment of a new type of environmentally friendly fuel, antiknock performance is good, research octane number ( RON) Increased with the increase of the mix. Burning effluent toxicity is smaller than the ordinary leaded gasoline, less carbon monoxide content in the exhaust. Clean combustion performance is good, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve the power, used as a motor gasoline substitute broad prospects. Many countries made extensive use of test, some also used in industrialization. Our service network covers the xiamen city and other important cities, formed a solid social backup support system, provide the transfer of technology to fully meet the customer diversification demand, realize the customer benefit to flow. If you have the project requirements, can be in on Monday to Friday in advance booking by phone; Online booking; To the store to make an appointment; WeChat appointments; QQ to make an appointment; - message booking way booking, and according to the consultation Make plan - Contract signing process, we will be financed by a party of one party output way, through the reasonable and competitive price and perfect after-sales service to meet the need of the development of the future market. With further speed up the modernization process, in the field of industry project cooperation, we lead a group of professional staff in the nationwide demand for the majority of the object to provide good service. The company to create the excellent technology transfer service as the fundamental core, constantly working to improve, has won the consensus of the demand object, all derived from professional, serve you wholeheartedly. If you think of our synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer, interested in technology transfer, may at any time to call contact hotline details
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