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Synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer - in the lake Where to find professional technology transfer

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-22
Synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer - in the lake Where to find professional technology transfer to our company is a technology transfer as the main business of manufacturing co. , LTD. , the company was founded, has always pursued 'good faith management, xin DE service' for the purpose of the service, continuously forge ahead, bold innovation, service object and every demand, is committed to providing efficient transfer of technology, to meet customer demand. Company address: synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer - chemical industrial park of the lake Where to find professional technology transfer. First of all, you have to know what is: consists of base gasoline, methanol and related additives. Key core technology is the technology level of additives and quality control. The technical content of additives, it is decided to allocate the soul of good quality. Additive is a new kind of environmental protection fuel additives products, is in methanol ( Accord with GB338 - Classy article 2004 methanol indicators) After adding a composite additive degeneration of methanol, and then mixed with regular gasoline ratio in accordance with the relevant provisions as vehicle fuel, make its modification, the rate of combustion, gasification and heat value, solubility, explosive acceleration performance close to the traditional aspects such as methanol gasoline, finished products do not need to modification of engine and the device, can be used directly. Run state characteristics of r&d and marketing of new energy products biological alcohol-based gasoline additives ( M85) The creature alcohol gasoline additives have several national patents. Solve the currently existing in the domestic market sales of additives in many insufficiencies, is the domestic biological alcohol base class additive, biological oil yeast as the core processing technology. After more than three years of product trial confirmed that the additive can effectively solve the alcohol-based fuel 8 categories of problems, and to overcome the existing additive in metal corrosion, carbon deposition, high temperature resistance, rubber swelling, underpowered and help dissolve cold start-up and a series of problems. Allocation is the key to the selection of additives, is to determine the soul of alcohol-based fuels are of good quality. Biological alcohol-based additives in the cold start, power performance and fuel economy has achieved better effect. The product after comparing with the existing alcohol-based fuel additives, alcohol modified effect is obvious, adding quantity is little, good stability, strong water resistance, high commonality and bond with a variety of new energy label gasoline in any proportion mixed, don't need to change the engine in the process of use, no pollution, will not bring any secondary pollution to the environment. We provide technology transfer has been is famous for its good faith management, highly efficient management team, skilled professional skills, acclaimed in the industry, has a good reputation in xiamen city. Our company is specialized in technology transfer and the corresponding problems to solve, etc for many years, experienced, professional level is high, the ability is strong, use of modern scientific management mode, continuously improve service quality and management level. Synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer - in the lake Where to find professional technology transfer. Our company high coverage, efficient service for several companies and institutions recognition, is a specific demand object provides excellent technology transfer of professional companies. The company technology transfer - according to the consultation Make plan - The cooperation process to sign the project cooperation, signing a contract during the cooperation the two sides should abide by the end of the matters dealt with in accordance with the contract and service, payment settlement of terms of service, our company will with professional spirit to provide you with safe, economic and professional services. About methanol hurt car is really a difficult problem in the field of industry. Using methanol as gasoline must be to degeneration of methanol. The mature technology of methanol degeneration is the biological technology, biological alcohol additives have to solve the main problems of the methanol hurt car. So the right additives, methanol hurt car there is no problem. Gasoline here to share the use of a proportion can give full play to the performance, and gas &coal mixing effect is very good. Add some 30% of the biological alcohol in gasoline, 95% of cars power will ascend, fuel consumption does not increase, but also can save a lot of gas. If want to save a little gas, can increase the proportion of appropriately, about 60% when the power is not ascension, but the decline is not obvious. If again big proportion adding proportion is big, it must be power decreases fuel consumption will increase, fuel consumption will increase by about 10%. Because methanol is methanol and gasoline is gasoline, it both can't picture the equals sign. Should be used instead of gasoline, because it is effective to reduce the harmful gas of atmospheric pollution emissions, energy conservation, environmental protection, is conducive to the sustainable development of energy in the future. In long-term high quality, excellent performance, low price, sincere credit guarantee, we offer technology transfer, positive response from many willing partners, in petrochemical industry are welcome. We have the confidence to promise object needs to have factory inspection thereby satisfying and enjoyable experience! Company address: chemical industrial park. Welcome new and old customers to visit to discuss cooperation, we have a lake synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer, technology transfer and other information to you
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