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Synthesis technology _ a lot of petrol sold supply reliable quality of the exhaust cleaner of fujian province

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-25
Synthesis technology _ a lot of petrol sold supply reliable quality of the exhaust cleaner to our company in guangzhou 'wisdom in innovation, jump in front' for the faith, efforts to build petrochemical industry as our mission, let everybody can use on the quality of the exhaust cleaner, variety complete, the price is reasonable, make enterprises with vitality and vigor, and bring positive energy to society! At the same time the company with excellent product quality and competitive price performance ratio, will bring greater demand for group management and economic benefits. Synthesis technology _ a lot of petrol sold supply in guangzhou province quality reliable exhaust cleaner. Our company was established in 2008, since the beginning of creation, the company is determined to do domestic advanced exhaust cleaner suppliers, in the process of long-term development with the advantage of the excellent product quality and the domestic many companies have established long-term good partnership. We in line with the tenet of 'quality win, as guest of honour', after years of unremitting efforts, has high market share, win the support and trust of the vast demand groups, enjoys a high reputation in the country. Green eton exhaust cleaner. Product cost comparison before and after use: green eton exhaust air cleaner: 'by taxi, drops car' as an example, give you a rough calculation for comparison: estimate the taxis run about 700 km, the car for two days in Beijing no. 92 standard gasoline from a tank. 98 yuan/liter, vehicles filled with oil box is about 60 litres didn't mix add China green eton exhaust cleaner a tank of gas costs: 60 liters x 6. 98 yuan/liter = 418. 8 yuan/box gasoline plus 15 times a month, a month need oil fee: 418. 8 yuan X15 time = 6282 yuan/month, a year need to cost: 6282 yuan X12 months = 75384 yuan/year taxi, by original 2:8, to add to use the ratio of 5:5, ( Can all in place of petrol use) 。 If long-term use according to 5:5 ratio, oil cost is 30 liters x 6 per box. 98 yuan/liter = 209. 4 yuan 30 liters x 3. 8 yuan/liter = 114 yuan a box of mixed oil cost is 323. 4 yuan, compared to the original savings: 418. 8 - 323. 4 = 95. 4 yuan a month plus 15 gasoline, each 12 months of the year, saving fuel cost is: 95. 4 yuan X15 times/month = 1431 yuan a month, a year is: 1431 yuan X12 ️ = 17172 yuan, a time to save oil fee RMB 17172 ️ because our product green eton exhaust cleaner, can also extend the life of the engine, so can reduce 2 - Four car maintenance. Every time you could save $500 conservative to save $1000 a year. Because added our product green eton exhaust cleaner my car from a tank of gasoline only 700 km, up to now can travel up to 800 kilometers, an average of more than a tank to run more than a year to run 100 kilometers, 100 kilometers X12 X15 times/month months more than equal to run 18000 kilometers, running more than 18000 km is zero cost, even 1 yuan per kilometer that want to earn 18000 yuan again. ️ so calculate down firmly profits more than a year for a taxi, car: 17172 + 1000 + 18000 = 36172 yuan ️ save money = make money! Synthesis technology _ a lot of petrol sold supply in guangzhou province quality reliable exhaust cleaner. Years of struggle and struggle, we accomplished the supremacy of credibility, reliable quality, considerate service, enjoys a good reputation in guangzhou, also walked out of a high-tech products and economic benefits of the characteristic road of sustainable development, automobile cleaner product variety, complete specification, stable supply, through the excellent sufficient supply, for the industry made a creative contribution to the development and prosperity. After nearly more than 800 tons of products, nearly all vehicles, and millions of kilometers of the test, as well as the national related departments detection, the main performance indicators are better than Beijing, the national standard and the using effect, has the following advantages: 1. Energy conservation and emissions reduction: carbon dioxide emissions by 6% ~ 8%, and 30% less carbon monoxide, sulfur 20% 2. Reduce fuel consumption: 25 ~ 30% 3. To enhance power more than 10% : fuel secondary atomization combustion. 4. Remove carbon: extend the engine maintenance cycle, can be mixed and any gasoline at random, precipitation, clouding phenomenon will not occur. 5. Economic and practical: high quality low price, the cost of production. 2. 0 6 yuan/l. Joint national policy, while the three institutions through domestic detection: national center for environmental science research institute of motor vehicle emission testing; State key laboratory of China university of petroleum heavy oil; National oil product quality supervision and inspection center. 7. Facing the whole country looking for joining agent, transfer provide technical core formula, raw materials in the local simple tesco! We are a company dedicated to provide customers with excellent enterprise of exhaust cleaner, our products are loved by demand group. Companies in the process of long-term development with high car cleaner product quality advantages and many customers have established long-term good partnership, we also warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company, visit and technical communication. Company address: chemical industrial park if you to our synthetic technology, gasoline exhaust cleaner is interested in, contact hotline details can call at any time
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