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Synthesis of hydrogen transfer - patent Xiamen strong exhaust cleaner supplier

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-25
Synthesis of hydrogen transfer - patent Xiamen exhaust cleaner suppliers have the strength of our company's scale of operation for> 10, perennial supply exhaust cleaner, has a good reputation in the market, the company always adhere to the values of the good faith management, insist on their service to impress customers, a place in the petrochemical industry. Our detailed address is: chemical industrial park, welcome to negotiate cooperation. Synthesis of hydrogen transfer - patent Xiamen strong exhaust cleaner supplier. Knows, driving the car at the time of oil fired not direct burning of oil, first the oil atomization, the micro detonator will instantly after hit atomizing oil mist, purpose is to put the oil completely broken, so burn more fully, so the combustion chamber of the oil mist through micro detonator detonating each oil foggy city, increase the area of the combustion chamber, at the same time can improve the power, oil mist in the combustion would produce water, Often see the exhaust pipe to drop phenomenon) Phase transformation catalyst will water into hydrogen ions and oxygen ions, so oxygen can burn, will continue to work at this time of secondary combustion, then burn oxygen instead of oil, thereby reducing fuel consumption. So due to inadequate burning oil burning, too many impurities to form carbon deposit, then the detonator and phase transformation catalyst is the burning of oil mist instantly break, can let the burning and burning are fully burning, in this case, no carbon deposit, also can put the carbon deposit before the clean combustion fully, then carbon deposit to clear the life span of the engine will be extended, it represents longevity. Reduce emissions: now that are fully burning clean, then exhaust emissions are nothing, so as to achieve the effect of reducing emissions. Five functions: 1. Improve the power of 2. Reduce fuel consumption. 3. Removal of carbon deposit, prolong the service life of the engine 4. To reduce emissions by more than 50% 5. Can be used and any gasoline, won't appear cloudy, reasonable floating phenomenon to eliminate nozzle carbon deposit, improvement mechanism, promote sufficient combustion, reduce automobile exhaust gas purification machine. Reduce gasoline and diesel supply system software and erosion of combustion system software and rust. To reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise of diesel engine, improve motivation, safe driving stability. Gao Qingli, high maintenance, improve product quality, to extend the driving way, prolong the service life of diesel engines. Five: 1: reduce exhaust emissions by about 50%; 2: make the oil mist has plenty of co2 in complete combustion, reducing fuel consumption 3: can be sprayed into the combustion chamber of the oil mist, power increased by 10% and 4: with all the motor gasoline blending casually, at this stage it is not easy to produce heavy, clouding condition 5: removal of carbon deposition, extension of the diesel engine maintenance cycle time seven big benefits: 1: doesn't work in winter, the cold start problem, it can be solved; 2: the summer shooting, gas resistance problem, it can be solved; 3: very prone to erosion problems in the engine, can handle; 4: all the car has a rubber ring area in high temperature deformation problem, peng up to handle; 5: to improve the power; 6: to reduce fuel consumption. 7: bright spots: 30 - to replace motor gasoline 50% - 。 A warm welcome to the enterprise personal use! Synthesis of hydrogen transfer - patent Xiamen strong exhaust cleaner supplier. Automobile exhaust cleaner six features: 1. Clean vehicle exhaust, let cool, not worry about a tail gas exceeds bid. 2. Make the oil mist has enough oxygen, hydrogen ions. 3. Can be sprayed into the combustion chamber of the oil mist, dynamic enhancement. 4. Mixed with any gasoline at the current, not settling, clouding phenomenon. 5. Removal of carbon deposition and prolong the service life of the engine, to use longer. 6. Environmental protection and energy saving, is good for the environment, reduce the use of the vehicle's fuel consumption. Our customers come from all walks of life, for the common goal, we work in close cooperation, our group for the convenience of demand easily to buy exhaust cleaner product support online payment; Cash payment; Bank transfer payment. Our business philosophy: high quality products, reasonable prices, excellent after-sales service, corresponding to the customer various requirement. Our company take 'the good faith make tomorrow, strive dominate the future' spirit of enterprise, the grand development plan, described the good prospects for development. Company to pragmatic, excellence, innovation and development of the entrepreneurial spirit, focus on the needs of users to provide reliable quality exhaust cleaner and service. We take quality as this, the good faith for the purpose of the day's welcome friends from all walks of life came to discuss business. Company address: chemical industrial park we have synthetic hydrogen transfer, patent information such as exhaust cleaner such as you know, advisory welcome call contact us
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