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smartphones could diagnose car maintenance needs ahead of problems by listening

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-02-27
Smartphones can diagnose problems with cars by listening to their voices.
Using the existing microphone and accelerometer of the phone, the app can receive noise and vibration, remind the user of problems such as insufficient tires, air filters that need to be replaced, and even new spark plugs. googletag. {});
Engineers who support this future idea say the technology may be ready in two years-provide diagnostic information about any car the user is driving in a few minutes and save the driver £ 95 a year.
All information will be obtained by analyzing the sound and vibration of the car without the need to sync a particular car to the app.
Joshua Siegel, a research scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is
The author of the latest paper on the technology published in November by the engineering application of artificial intelligence.
He also built data to commercialize the idea. (
Bhakpong/Getty Images)
He explained that the existing suite included in the smartphone made the application possible. googletag. {});
\"The sensitivity is so high that you can do it well (
Detection of related signals)
No special connection is required.
\"The team has recently focused on detecting when an air filter needs to be replaced.
But Siegel explains that it sounds like \"we\'re listening to the car\'s breathing and we\'re listening when it starts snoring . \".
\"When it starts to clog, it makes a whistling noise when the air is sucked in.
Look, you can\'t distinguish it from other engine noise, but your phone can.
To test a large number of cars, the team finally rented different brands and models and added the issue to it and then fixed it. (
Ivanko_Brnjakovic/Getty Images)
Siegel added: \"I rented the car, gave them a new air filter, balanced the tires and replaced the oil.
For air filters, Diagnostics is a listening task for smartphones, but in other cases it is a multi-step process. googletag. {});
In order to determine whether the tires of the car become bald or over-inflated, the phone uses the built-in GPS to determine the speed of the car.
The vibration data can be used to determine the speed at which the wheels turn.
This can be used to calculate the diameter of the wheel and, if the tire is new and inflated properly, can be compared to the expected diameter.
Through machine learning, Siegel said, algorithms designed to detect wheel balance problems do a better job of detecting imbalances than expert drivers from a large car company.
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