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_ shaped oil technology to provide professional on the synthesis of diesel gasoline technology transfer

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-11
_ shaped oil technology to provide professional technology transfer of synthetic diesel gasoline, our service covers multiple projects, mainly synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer, the company participated in project in high-tech, high standard, high starting point, deeply the general in guangzhou province needs the support and trust of the object. Companies to provide synthetic diesel gasoline the service cycle of technology transfer is a service cycle. Honesty, creative, diligence without limits, endless, provide value-added service for you. Shaped oil technology, professional research and development production and wholesale: gasoline additives ( Also known as gasoline antiknock agent, octane number increase, power increase) Diesel fuel additive ( Is also called the cetane number improving agent, diesel enhance agent) Their common principle and function: the product after adding additive with the function, the engine running, nozzle temperature about 100 ℃, the temperature of intake valve - in 200 Between 300 ℃. At that temperature, fuel instability of ingredients, susceptible to oxidative condensation reaction, generate glial and carbon deposition, precipitation on the inlet valve and nozzle, advanced high supercharged engine and direct fuel injection using GDI engine are more likely to produce carbon deposition. Accumulation of sediments in the inlet valve, will cause the air intake channel cross section area reduction, reduced intake efficiency, power down, serious when valve is slow, closing is lax. Nozzle carbon deposition, can make the poor oil, fuel oil atomization quality to drop, cause the fuel into the combustion chamber, it is difficult to complete combustion, cause the engine starting difficulty, idle instability, and increase fuel consumption, exhaust emission deterioration, especially in the winter, the situation is more obvious. Clean engine carbon, low carbon resulting in failure of the engine ignition and unstable idle speed; To protect the engine, the effective lubrication fuel system; In complete combustion, increase octane number gasoline, diesel oil increase cetane number, save fuel and reduce emissions, oil refinery, oil depot and gas stations, blended oil enterprises to reduce costs to improve the quality of the product. Our company was established in 2008, specializing in synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer service, the company has a professional design team, exquisite technology and construction team, is a synthetic diesel gasoline as the object of numerous national needs to provide reliable transfer of technology companies, with excellent quality and innovative service, welcome the masses of customers to visit our company to visit guidance. As a professional synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer service company, reliable service mechanism, reasonable project cost is necessary, our service according to calculate the overall cost of billing package, support for online payment; Cash payment; Bank transfer of payment for transactions, and provide free consultation of value-added services, through reasonable and competitive price and perfect after-sales service to meet the need of the development of the future market. Intend to service customers, welcome you the reservation by phone in Monday to Friday; Online booking; To the store to make an appointment; WeChat appointments; QQ to make an appointment; SMS way in advance booking, we would like to sincerely treat each user. _ shaped oil technology to provide professional technology transfer of synthetic diesel gasoline, our company based on a wide range of performance in the main industry field and deep precipitation, our business is from xiamen, radiation throughout the country, wholeheartedly provide customers with a variety of design scheme of synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer, technical advice and other professional services to good, welcome people from all walks of life to visit and cooperation. My company is located in the chemical industry park. Want to learn more about shaped oil technology, exhaust cleaner joint factory, green eton exhaust cleaner manufacturer, cetane number improver of relevant information, please check our company more dynamic
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