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Penray ties up with Talbros to market its car care products in India

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-03-02
Chennai: Penray Inc. and Talbros Gardx Performance Products announced the establishment of a partnership to leverage Talbros sales, marketing and distribution expertise to bring Penray\'s chemical additives, functional fluids
Director Karan Talwar said: \"Talbros will provide us with an in-depth understanding of the local market, purchase patterns and social customs for our established customer base and other customers, as well as distribution, sales and marketing of the brain Talbros group.
\"Penray will work with products, technical training materials, promotional materials, marketing plans and sales support.
Penray and Talbros will also work together to develop a market.
Specific websites that promote these products.
Dave Sholtis, CEO of Penray, said: \"This new partnership provides a wide range of new distribution for our products in a region that can benefit from the functionality provided by our products, it offers Talbros a wide range of new products that will provide value proposition to their customers.
Penray has a 65-
One year history of product development, manufacturing and marketing for service light, medium and heavy professional machinery and workshopduty vehicles.
In addition, many Penray products are suitable for the repair of motorcycles and motorcycles.
The partnership with Penray will provide Talbros with a range of chemical products needed to serve millions of gasolineand diesel-
Electric cars, trucks and motorcycles in India.
Includes automotive care products, cleaning agents, functional liquids, professional installation kits, and service chemicals.
Talbros GardX is a joint venture between the BNT Talbros group and the British GardX company.
BNT Talbros Group has a high reputation in OE and after-sales market in India\'s automotive industry.
\"This arrangement will include Penray\'s products and cooperative products made in the United States.
Brand Talbros and Penray, market
\"Specific packaging,\" a company statement said . \".
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