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mobile car washing - water quality - de-ionized or reverse osmosis?

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-02-29
Water quality is critical when running mobile car wash equipment and handling car dealer accounts.
It leaves spots if the water is too hard, and for new cars that sell to real customers, it\'s usually going to pay thousands of dollars for 10 s, well, you get this picture.
Before I retired, I ran such a mobile car wash franchise system and even today I was asked technical questions about how to do it properly.
Not long ago, the boss of a mobile car washing company asked me; \"Water? [Should I use]
Is it ion or RO? [
Refers to RO or D. I. as in De-
Ionization filter.
I think it costs about $2000 a day for 5,000 gallons of gas. De-
I haven\'t studied ion generators yet.
I plan to load 500 gallons on the truck and pull a nurse tank with 500 gallons. The de-
Ionising tanks become expensive because you can only use them for a long time before they need to be charged.
You can buy a $12 suit yourself to top them up but the problem is that when the W filter tank needs to be charged, there is acid in it and it has to be washed out with a lot of water, you can\'t do this in your house, it\'s illegal.
So you have to go to an industrial water company to buy them (
Rent with deposit)
They usually charge you $60 to $90 depending on the region.
And, according to the millions of particles in the water in your home [or at the shop]
They can only last between 900 and 1500 gallons.
However, if you have a water softener and/or RO membrane system in your home, you can pre-
Before you take the water from your de-
My tank, which gives you very clean water and allows the DI tank to Last 3000-
4,000 gallons without charging.
In fact, I remember one time when I rebuilt a water treatment system for a medical blood testing facility and their system ran water through carbon filters, salt particle filters, then pass through a solid set of RO films and then through D. I.
Water tank with super clean water.
After testing this system, I have some water left, so I have filled about 1000 gallons of water into a tank on one of our mobile car wash devices, after testing, take out the water and wash the car.
Wow, great, when I used 3000 PSI it blew all the dirt off the car and there was no water point.
I think I cleaned up about 200 cars myself in an hour and a half.
Zero water point.
The problem is how clean you want to get the water, how high
Do you want to wash/rinse the pressure, GPM is important.
But the more gallons you use per minute, the higher the cost of cleaning your water.
Also, the problem with reverse osmosis is that it uses two to three gallons to produce 1 gallon of clear water.
Companies like Starbucks run three times through their RO system to make ice and water to make coffee so you can actually taste coffee, it is very different from making home coffee with the smell of local minerals and local water.
They used 7-
Make 8 gallons of 1 gallon reverse osmosis water so their water fee is there and it\'s really a waste unless you really need it.
If you talk to other people who have experience in this area, I bet they agree with most of what I said and maybe even other points to add?
Because it depends on what you want to do, what you want to wash, and the cost reality paid for that job.
I mean, you\'re doing business to make money, right?
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