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Methanol gasoline additive formula - patent technology Car player patent formula

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-17
Methanol gasoline additive formula - patent technology Car player patent formula to create up to now, our company pragmatic innovation, product design novel, the price is reasonable. For me is located in the chemical industrial park, the specialty is engaged in the exhaust cleaner business sales, serious and responsible, strict product quality to customers. We adhering to the 'human nature is changed, specialization,' the purpose, to create a 'good management, good service' team of professionals. By customers in the petrochemical industry. Methanol gasoline additive formula - patent technology Car player patent formula. 1, effectively remove nozzle carbon deposition, improve need to function, to promote full combustion exhaust gas purification machine, reduce exhaust emissions. 2, the decrease of fuel supply system and combustion system of corrosion and rust. 3, to reduce the fuel consumption, reduce engine noise and improve motivation, smooth driving. 4, Gao Qingjie, high maintenance, improve product quality, extend the distance, prolong engine life. Five functions: 1 reduce automobile exhaust by more than 50%; 2: make the oil mist has enough oxygen for burning completely, reduce fuel consumption 3: can be sprayed into the combustion chamber of the oil mist, instant power boost 10% 4: mixed with any gasoline at the current, not precipitation, clouding occur 5: removal of carbon deposition, prolong engine maintenance cycle six major advantages: 1 dozen don't fire in winter, cold start problems, it can solve; 2: summer shooting, the problem of gas resistance, it can solve; 3: easy to happen in a car engine corrosion problems, can be solved; 4: all the car have a place in the high temperature expansion deformation of synthetic problems, can be solved; 5: improve motivation; 6: lower fuel consumption. Window: 30 - alternative to petrol 50% - 。 Welcome to personally try our company scale> 10, and continue to grow. Companies adhere to customer orientation, the application for this strategy, continue to focus on the use efficiency, attentively treat every customer, help customers profit! By our distribution supply exhaust cleaner sales have been good, highly demand groups of all ages. Company is willing to work with customers and partners work together to grow together, common development. Methanol gasoline additive formula - patent technology Car player patent formula. We in line with the principle of 'always serve the customer', sincerely service for you. Our company has a wide range of car cleaner information network, partners throughout all parts of the country. All take the customer as the center, we provide all-round services for you. Strength is the result of science and technology, we have a perfect sales team, to provide you with a series of high quality exhaust cleaner, and has obtained the good society benefit to the company. After nearly more than 800 tons of products, nearly all vehicles, and millions of kilometers of the test, as well as the national related departments detection, the main performance indicators are better than Beijing, the national standard and the using effect, has the following advantages: 1. Energy conservation and emissions reduction: carbon dioxide emissions by 6% ~ 8%, and 30% less carbon monoxide, sulfur 20% 2. Reduce fuel consumption: 25 ~ 30% 3. To enhance power more than 10% : fuel secondary atomization combustion. 4. Remove carbon: extend the engine maintenance cycle, can be mixed and any gasoline at random, precipitation, clouding phenomenon will not occur. 5. Economic and practical: high quality low price, the cost of production. 2. 0 6 yuan/l. Joint national policy, while the three institutions through domestic detection: national center for environmental science research institute of motor vehicle emission testing; State key laboratory of China university of petroleum heavy oil; National oil product quality supervision and inspection center. 7. Facing the whole country looking for joining agent, transfer provide technical core formula, raw materials in the local simple tesco! Honesty molded, innovation in the future. Excellent low price of exhaust cleaner, is your good choice! Our company sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand, comfortable, feel free to gallop in the broad avenue to success! If you are interested in our products/services, welcome to call consultation to understand information related to exhaust cleaner
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