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Methanol gasoline additive - Experienced synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer where there is

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-18
The synthesis of methanol gasoline additive, experienced diesel gasoline technology transfer where there is, our company is a professional company engaged in the synthesis of diesel gasoline technology transfer, since 2008 in xiamen, has always pursued 'good faith management, xin DE service' purposes, with the accumulation of experience in cooperation for many years, constantly, improve the deficiency, and provide the synthetic diesel gasoline standard standardization technology transfer. Terms of cooperation during the project is reasonable, fair, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company to discuss cooperation, the company address: chemical industrial park. Our service covers multiple projects, mainly synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer, the company participated in project in high-tech, high standard, high starting point, deeply the general in guangzhou province needs the support and trust of the object. Companies to provide synthetic diesel gasoline the service cycle of technology transfer is a service cycle. Honesty, creative, diligence without limits, endless, provide value-added service for you. Methanol gasoline additive, eliminate reasonable nozzle carbon deposit, improvement mechanism, promote sufficient combustion, reduce automobile exhaust gas purification machine. Reduce gasoline and diesel supply system software and erosion of combustion system software and rust. To reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise of diesel engine, improve motivation, safe driving stability. Gao Qingli, high maintenance, improve product quality, to extend the driving way, prolong the service life of diesel engines. Five: 1: reduce exhaust emissions by about 50%; 2: make the oil mist has plenty of co2 in complete combustion, reducing fuel consumption 3: can be sprayed into the combustion chamber of the oil mist, power increased by 10% and 4: with all the motor gasoline blending casually, at this stage it is not easy to produce heavy, clouding condition 5: removal of carbon deposition, extension of the diesel engine maintenance cycle time seven big benefits: 1: doesn't work in winter, the cold start problem, it can be solved; 2: the summer shooting, gas resistance problem, it can be solved; 3: very prone to erosion problems in the engine, can handle; 4: all the car has a rubber ring area in high temperature deformation problem, peng up to handle; 5: to improve the power; 6: to reduce fuel consumption. 7: bright spots: 30 - to replace motor gasoline 50% - 。 A warm welcome to the enterprise personal use! As a professional synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer service company, reliable service mechanism, reasonable project cost is necessary, our service according to calculate the overall cost of billing package, support for online payment; Cash payment; Bank transfer of payment for transactions, and provide free consultation of value-added services, through reasonable and competitive price and perfect after-sales service to meet the need of the development of the future market. Intend to service customers, welcome you the reservation by phone in Monday to Friday; Online booking; To the store to make an appointment; WeChat appointments; QQ to make an appointment; SMS way in advance booking, we would like to sincerely treat each user. The synthesis of methanol gasoline additive, experienced diesel gasoline technology transfer where there is, our company pursues 'good faith management, warm-hearted, service' of the enterprise purpose, as always promote the development of synthetic technology transfer diesel gasoline industry, in petrochemical industry has achieved excellent results. Our company will be under the guidance of scientific concept of development, according to the development strategy, development, continuous innovation, further enhance visibility, reputation and loyalty, to the international well-known synthetic diesel gasoline technology transfer business endeavour. If you think of our new concept for liquor formula, mother liquid gasoline, methanol gasoline additive information still in doubt, please call our contact details
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