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Methanol gasoline additive - All new energy to replace diesel gasoline company which is good

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-18
Methanol gasoline additives, all new energy to replace diesel gasoline company which is good, we have strong technical strength and strong management team, to provide all of the new energy to replace diesel gasoline demand deeply the general object of love and welcome and has the characteristic of the good faith management, under the guidance of scientific concept of development, is committed to the improvement of core competitiveness, mainly for the agent to join in the service area, in the fierce commercial warfare, becoming one of the good market reputation model enterprise. Our company was established in 2008, since the time of the formation of the company, has been uphold the good faith management, jasmine, service, brand new full of provides the high quality for the majority of the service object of all new energy to replace diesel gasoline, has become a leader in the field of petrochemical industry. Relying on powerful professional marketing center, our company has the advanced network technology and professional marketing team, for the general demand object to provide professional, business investment projects and security. We provide all new energy to replace diesel gasoline is from guangzhou. Our main object by retail + agent to join in the way as the demand all provide good profits, the big market of the new energy projects, to replace diesel gasoline is expected return rate of> 1, the service cycle of> 1 day, small investment returns. All new energy to replace diesel gasoline is the main development area of the country, interested friends, please pay attention to. The total investment promotion of new energy to replace diesel gasoline for> 1, limited places to join, please consult your connection speed, don't miss the good chance. Methanol gasoline additive, Lu Haihang ( Xiamen) Petroleum chemical industry co. , LTD. - - - - - - - Is the domestic large-scale national standard gasoline diesel, new energy research and development production and marketing training base. Headquarters is located in the beautiful sagishima - - - - - - - Xiamen haicang. The company of the latest research green beneficial to traffic exhaust cleaner, all in place of petrol diesel new energy products, national invention patent no. : 201810408420. The product of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve power, maintenance machine, saving energy, low cost, is to create the pioneer blue sky battle. The Chinese people's property insurance company underwriting the quality of product, the policy number: PZAH201835020000000018. And the merchants at home and abroad to join, joint factory, product agent, technology transfer, etc. Synthesis of the six diesel gasoline technology transfer: blending methods, blending equipment, blending index calculation, blending case, blending with additives. This technique can produce 92 #, 93 #, 95 #, 97 #, 98 # gasoline, 0 #, - 10 #, - 20 #, - 35 #, - 50 #, the six diesel. Environmental protection oil, oil hydrocarbons, burning oil, fuel oil, oil, oil boiler technology transfer. For patent inventor of league hand-on training personally, site operation, face-to-face communication, practice mode combining the theory study, after the technical problems encountered in the actual production can contact with the teacher, lifelong tracking service, to help solve the problem. Let the students benefit. This technology has been promoting Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Europe and the United States and countries in Africa, in the global resources increasingly tense today, is a new technology stunned the world contains huge business opportunities to make money, is to change the future of new energy industry. Profits analysis: 1, to the county's population in 800000 medium county jurisdiction, for example, home of four calculation about 200000 households, a car, a town about 50000 cars, can develop the owner 1% - 10%, for example, a county about 5000 cars use green eton exhaust cleaner. The average owner oil plus 4 times a month, every time add about 15 litres, calculate by a third month plus exhaust cleaner 60 litres, 720 litres of individual owners exhaust cleaner, yield 720 litres of x6 yuan per liter (x20 % Comprehensive profit) = 864 yuan, profit: RMB 864 / person/year = 4. 32 million x5000 car. 2, with a population of 800000 county, township and village will be about 15, each township charge fee of 10000 yuan, the rural agent 150000. ( Foreign regional didn't sign at the county level 50000 league) Combined profits: green eton 10% stake in agents within the jurisdiction area of development only under the condition of vehicles per year in 1. 58 million - Between 4. 47 million, development the more vehicles to earn more. Methanol gasoline additives, all new energy to replace diesel gasoline company which is good, good business opportunities, once get rich. To set up right from the beginning, we will know how to replace the diesel gasoline with all new energy as the main service projects, after years of development, the company continuously into the new partner, looking for new join in resources, has established cooperation with many enterprises, expand the scale of the market, the company agent to join career gains, but also for the general demand objects brought big gains. Company invites dealers across the country, welcome to have intention to come to visit and negotiate, we address is chemical industrial park your demand is our pursuit, waiting for you to inquire synthesis gas technology, synthetic gasoline technology transfer, synthetic diesel technology transfer, methanol gasoline additives, synthetic diesel gasoline formula related information
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