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Haicang methanol gasoline additive - Xiamen reliable technology transfer

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-22
Xiamen haicang methanol gasoline additive, reliable transfer of technology, our company is a technology transfer as the main business of manufacturing co. , LTD. , the company was founded, has always pursued 'good faith management, warm-hearted, service' for the purpose of the service, continuously forge ahead, bold innovation, service object and every demand, is committed to providing the technology transfer, to meet customer demand. Company address: chemical industrial park since the company founded, we always adhere to the attention to detail, make each technology transfer, pay attention to credibility, makes every effort to keep improving the management idea, leading the company made a solid position in petrochemical industry. We provide the technology transfer with the good faith management service characteristics. Coordinated team of partners, we have high-quality staff and advanced management system, in the practice of various departments cooperate will do a technology transfer one time, it provide value service for the customer to us, and grow up with the customer to provide a solid guarantee. Haicang methanol gasoline additive, professional research and development production and export, wholesale and CH3OH gasoline consists of base gasoline, methanol and additives. CH3OH technology content of gasoline additive, is the soul of decided to allocate CH3OH gasoline are of good quality. CH3OH gasoline additive is a new kind of environmental protection fuel additives products, is in methanol ( Accord with GB338 - Classy article 2004 methanol indicators) After adding a composite additive degeneration of methanol, and then mixed with regular gasoline ratio in accordance with the relevant provisions as vehicle fuel, make its modification, the rate of combustion, gasification and heat value, solubility, explosive acceleration, lubricity, and inhibiting corrosion is close to the traditional petrol of methanol fuel, low proportion of CH3OH M15 - gasoline M30 - Modification of M50 without the engine and the gear, can use directly. ( 1] High percentage of CH3OH gasoline M85 - M100 approximately may need to be done to install methanol converter in the vehicle. 1) product advantage Unique help dissolve technology: enhance stability, alcohol and oil soluble organic phase, layered emulsion, and national standard gasoline, miscibility C2H6O gasoline; 2) Good water resistance, can resist for transportation, storage, charging when inhaled the moisture in the air; 3) Good corrosion resistance: by alkaline corrosion inhibitor molecules in groups can strongly effect, with the metal surface to produce chemical and physical adsorption, forming a good protective film, isolated from the extent of methanol and the contact of the metal, achieve the goal of reducing or inhibiting corrosion. 4) Good temperature environment adaptability: available in ( - - - - - - 40℃~40℃) Under the environment of the normal production and use of phase separation, low temperature and low temperature start, high temperature gas resistance; 5) Special heat value to improve technology, improve heating value by methanol degeneration, at the same time, according to the characteristics of the methanol itself high latent heat of vaporization promote the combustion rate and thermal efficiency to promote the overall, make the fuel in the combustion process also produces gb gasoline burning effect, increase the power, reduce fuel consumption. 6) Can inhibit the swelling: anti-corrosion outside part of the metal parts, mainly oil pump, the rubber sealing ring ( Line) Oil supply parts such as oil distributor non-metallic parts, such as plastic, rubber parts. 7) Low temperature separation, CH3OH gasoline additives must solve in the low temperature separation ( Commonly known as low temperature stratification) Normally, local standard - 30 ℃, the company agent in - Low below 35 ℃ to - 40℃。 In order to make full use of your time, you can make an appointment by telephone; Online booking; To the store to make an appointment; WeChat appointments; QQ to make an appointment; SMS to make an appointment with us to make an appointment in advance, we are open for Monday to Friday, we will be ready in advance the cooperation with you! Adhering to the customer demand as the center, our technology transfer is charged according to plan, you can through the online payment; Cash payment; Bank transfer payment, with excellent, professional and thoughtful service, reasonable prices to develop unobstructed channels of service, hand in hand to create a win-win pattern and demand object. Xiamen haicang methanol gasoline additive, reliable technology transfer, in the long-term, high quality, excellent performance, low price, sincere credit guarantee, we offer technology transfer, positive response from many willing partners, in petrochemical industry are welcome. We have the confidence to promise object needs to have factory inspection thereby satisfying and enjoyable experience! Company address: chemical industrial park. Our company will provide you with how to choose the exhaust cleaner, zalman exhaust cleaner, haicang methanol gasoline additive, energy saving of methanol gasoline additive merchants, harmonic diesel gasoline technology transfer in detail, if necessary, please call contact us
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