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Green eton technology transfer _ of fujian green eton exhaust cleaner

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-12
Green eton technology transfer of green _ guangzhou eton exhaust cleaner company, our company is specialized in sales for the agent to join in the direction of the enterprise, belongs to a manufacturing co. , LTD. Company is mainly engaged in green eton exhaust cleaner, marketing network all over the country, such as your agent to join in our company's services are interested in, welcome to telephone contact miss zhao understand related service items. Our home is in guangzhou, mainly engaged in green eton exhaust cleaning services, is an enterprise agent to join in with the characteristic of the good faith management, has a unique advantage, can according to different basis of franchisees to provide different ways of joining the training. The company is committed to retail + agent to join wholeheartedly for customer service, creating famous chain business enterprise, xiamen, mainly engaged in green eton exhaust cleaner in guangzhou province within the scope of the support and trust from the customers. We plan to introduce> 1 joining trader, we will with accurate market positioning, innovative business ideas, provide demand object returns up to join project> 1, our products have the advantages of small investment, quick effect etc, welcome the demand object to come to consult our green eton exhaust cleaning service, the service is expected to return cycle> 1 day. Green eton technology transfer, and the green eton exhaust cleaner: all new energy to replace the diesel gasoline patent project after nearly more than 800 tons of products, nearly all vehicles, and millions of kilometers of the test, as well as the national related departments detection, the main performance indicators are better than Beijing, has the following advantages: 1. Energy conservation and emissions reduction: carbon dioxide emissions by 6% ~ 8%, and 30% less carbon monoxide, sulfur 20% 2. Reduce fuel consumption, 10% 3. To enhance power more than 8% : fuel secondary atomization combustion. 4. Remove carbon: extend the engine maintenance cycle, can be mixed and any gasoline at random, can also be used alone. 5. Economic and practical: high quality low price, production costs more than 2 yuan/liter. 6. Joint national policy, at the same time, through the domestic authority of the three institutions detection: national center for environmental science research institute of motor vehicle emission testing; State key laboratory of China university of petroleum heavy oil; National oil product quality supervision and inspection center. 7. Facing the whole country looking for joining agent, transfer provide technical core formula, raw materials in the local simple tesco! Green eton technology transfer of green _ guangzhou eton exhaust cleaner company, good business opportunities, once get rich. , and established at the beginning of our green eton exhaust cleaner as the main service projects, after years of development, the company continuously into the new partner, looking for new join in resources, has established cooperation with many enterprises, expand the scale of the market, the company agent to join career gains, but also for the general demand objects brought big gains. Company invites dealers across the country, welcome to have intention to come to visit and negotiate, we address is chemical industrial park area A if you are interested in our products and services, and want to learn more about new energy patent transfer oil, green eton technology transfer, green eton additives, green eton exhaust cleaner price, green eton exhaust cleaner technology transfer, please contact us
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