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Green eton additives - A good technology transfer company reputation in fujian province

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-12
Green eton additives - Guangzhou province a good technology transfer company reputation, our company is specialized is engaged in the transfer of technology companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Company is located in the chemical industry park, in the aspect of technology transfer to the heavy credit, cooperation, have a high status among the demand object, and at the same time we also established long-term stable cooperative relations with many customers, and guarantee the quality and quantity of technology transfer can achieve the expected goal. Welcome to inquire negotiate. Green eton additives - A good technology transfer company reputation in guangzhou province. About methanol hurt car is really a difficult problem in the field of industry. Using methanol as gasoline must be to degeneration of methanol. The mature technology of methanol degeneration is the biological technology, biological alcohol additives have to solve the main problems of the methanol hurt car. So the right additives, methanol hurt car there is no problem. Gasoline here to share the use of a proportion can give full play to the performance, and gas &coal mixing effect is very good. Add some 30% of the biological alcohol in gasoline, 95% of cars power will ascend, fuel consumption does not increase, but also can save a lot of gas. If want to save a little gas, can increase the proportion of appropriately, about 60% when the power is not ascension, but the decline is not obvious. If again big proportion adding proportion is big, it must be power decreases fuel consumption will increase, fuel consumption will increase by about 10%. Because methanol is methanol and gasoline is gasoline, it both can't picture the equals sign. Should be used instead of gasoline, because it is effective to reduce the harmful gas of atmospheric pollution emissions, energy conservation, environmental protection, is conducive to the sustainable development of energy in the future. Our service network covers the xiamen city and other important cities, formed a solid social backup support system, provide the transfer of technology to fully meet the customer diversification demand, realize the customer benefit to flow. If you have the project requirements, can be in on Monday to Friday in advance booking by phone; Online booking; To the store to make an appointment; WeChat appointments; QQ to make an appointment; - message booking way booking, and according to the consultation Make plan - Contract signing process, we will be financed by a party of one party output way, through the reasonable and competitive price and perfect after-sales service to meet the need of the development of the future market. Green eton additives - A good technology transfer company reputation in guangzhou province. Everyone wants to know what call: consists of basic gasoline, methanol and preservatives. The technical key is antiseptic technical strength and quality management. Of the technological content of preservatives, is the life of the decision-making quality of preparation. Preservative is a new type of new energy fuel modifier goods, is in methanol ( Accordance with GB338 - 2004 product of methanol index) A composite additive is added after the turn of methanol solution, is accounted for by the regulation again and as the car ran after general gasoline blending material, make its modification, make its light rate, gasification and calorific value, solubility, outbreaks of force to accelerate the characteristics such as close to the traditional biological alcohol gasoline oil, manufactured goods don't have to be in diesel engines and equipment to carry out the upgrading, can be applied immediately. Embellish of new energy technology product development marketing specialty biological alcohol-based gasoline additives ( M85) The creature alcohol gasoline modifying agent has a variety of national invention patent. Dealt with the present stage of China market on the market sales of preservatives have many insufficient, is one of China's biological alcohol base class preservatives, with biological oil yeast to solve the key technical. After more than three years of goods used to confirm the preservative can reasonable handle alcohol-based fuel 8 categories of problems, and get rid of the original accumulation of metal corrosion, carbon deposit preservatives have a driving force, high temperature resistance, vulcanized rubber swelling, and help dissolve cold enough and a series of problems. Preparation and the key to preservatives chosen, all is the life of the decision-making alcohol-based fuel quality. Biological alcohol-based antiseptic, drive and fuel rationality in start level obtained the good actual effect. The goods with the original alcohol-based fuel after more preservatives, aldehyde modified actual effect is remarkable, with less volume, good reliability, strong resistance to water soluble, high practicality, embellish new energy technology can bond with various models of gasoline by all accounts for less than mixed, without modifying the diesel engine, environment friendly, production application is not easy to produce natural environment during the whole process of all secondary pollution of the environment. The company pursues 'the good faith management, warm-hearted, service' of the enterprise purpose, as always to push the development of the technology transfer of industry, in petrochemical industry has achieved excellent results. Our company will be under the guidance of scientific concept of development, according to the development strategy, development, continuous innovation, further enhance visibility, reputation and loyalty, to the international transfer of technology companies. To inquire the product/service, to you is not only a green eton additives, technology transfer of information
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