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GETSUN carnauba  Plus + long lasting light protection Laser shine premium  hard wax G-1156 for beauty car wax
GETSUN carnauba Plus + long lasting light protection Laser shine premium hard wax G-1156 for beauty car wax
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Laser Shine Premium Hard Wax


Wax,car wax, Shine wax, hard wax.


1. It possesses powerful capacity of removing the dirt, can quickly get rid of the various besmirches in the automobile body paint to restore the gloss of paint to shine.

2. its special multi-layer protective film resists UVR, acid rain, and helps to prevent the degeneration, alligatoring and off-color of the paint due to its easy operation.


Getsun owns a modernized production base that covers an area of 10000 square meters, introducing tailored-devices from top-notched equipment plants in Switzerland and China.


The main material of Laser Shine is special silicone resin, and it iscompounded through adding the ultraviolet light absorbent, special water proof agent.The film formed on the car body by this product is hard and bright. It can increase the brightnessof the paint surface, at the same time, it can make a best protection effect for the paint surface.The ultraviolet light absorbent, water proof agent in it can further delay the aging rate of the paint surface. This product gets strong adhesion, good ductility and long- time lasting effect on the paint surface. It contains silicone, carnauba wax and hydrotreated light ditillate.


Getsun has a production capacity of 45 million tanks per year and raw materials and finished goods warehouse storage capacity, reaching 2,500 tons.

  •  USAGE

  •  Wash and clean the car body.

  •  Smear a small quantity of product on the car paint surfacewith sponge.

  •  After about 1 minute, clear away the spare wax with specialized towel and wipe to andfro to make it clean and bright.


  •  This product is flammable, please keep away from fire.

  •  Eating is forbidden.


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