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Fujian exhaust cleaner agent - Getsun cost-effective exhaust cleaner selling price

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-13
Guangzhou exhaust cleaner agent - We sell our company cost effective exhaust cleaner is located in the chemical industrial park, founded in 2008, since its establishment has been working on the exhaust cleaner production and sales business. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, customer demand for products fully meet the demand, supply good exhaust cleaner on the market for our customers. Guangzhou exhaust cleaner agent - We sell price bargain exhaust cleaner. Professional research and development production and wholesale: gasoline additives ( Also known as gasoline antiknock agent, octane number increase, power increase) Diesel fuel additive ( Is also called the cetane number improving agent, diesel enhance agent) Their common principle and function: the product after adding additive with the function, the engine running, nozzle temperature about 100 ℃, the temperature of intake valve - in 200 Between 300 ℃. At that temperature, fuel instability of ingredients, susceptible to oxidative condensation reaction, generate glial and carbon deposition, precipitation on the inlet valve and nozzle, advanced high supercharged engine and direct fuel injection using GDI engine are more likely to produce carbon deposition. Accumulation of sediments in the inlet valve, will cause the air intake channel cross section area reduction, reduced intake efficiency, power down, serious when valve is slow, closing is lax. Nozzle carbon deposition, can make the poor oil, fuel oil atomization quality to drop, cause the fuel into the combustion chamber, it is difficult to complete combustion, cause the engine starting difficulty, idle instability, and increase fuel consumption, exhaust emission deterioration, especially in the winter, the situation is more obvious. Clean engine carbon, low carbon resulting in failure of the engine ignition and unstable idle speed; To protect the engine, the effective lubrication fuel system; In complete combustion, increase octane number gasoline, diesel oil increase cetane number, save fuel and reduce emissions, oil refinery, oil depot and gas stations, blended oil enterprises to reduce costs to improve the quality of the product. We produce exhaust cleaner, choose the excellent material, excellent product quality, exquisite craft, it is mainly used for energy conservation and emissions reduction, clean up the carbon deposit, improve power. Our products throughout the country to have good sales, customer please come to my company sales outlets in need of choose and buy, we will with wholesale; Retail; Selling and direct way to land transportation way for you to delivery of goods. Sincerity, win-win cooperation is our company's cultural philosophy, our company actively carry out extensive cooperation. Guangzhou exhaust cleaner agent - We sell price bargain exhaust cleaner. What is blending blending technology is to use refinery production of some of the national standard or non-standard product, light hydrocarbon generated in oil field production, Condensate) After refining plant refined processing and chemical products, complementary with some additives, the synthetic meets customer requirement of national standard gasoline and diesel oil, to achieve lower costs, to save an application technology of oil resources. Petrol and diesel blending technology in the field of foreign oil trade has been very mature, such as available antiknock, 90 # gasoline tuned into oil, 93 #, 97 #, will - 5 #, 0 # diesel oil synthetic - 10 # oil for sale. In our country, every year there are hundreds of tons products, because of the low octane number, RON only 40 - 60 or so, in addition to a small number of into the reforming unit production high octane number gasoline components, most can only sell in ethylene cracking raw materials, prices are low and unstable, if we take the mixing technology, through the refined remove sulfur, and mixed with high octane number components, add the dope, adjustable out 90 # and 93 # gasoline, it can save considerable oil resources for the country. We can see from this, petrol and diesel blending technology is the effective cost savings, effective use of the existing oil resources of the effective ways to an application technology, should be vigorously promoted here at home, may be someone asks, blending work? Reliable quality, to answer this question, must from the process of refinery production. Our company insist on scientific development, strengthening the independent innovation, improve the core competitiveness. Exhaust cleaner production material quality, reasonable price, good service attitude, good cooperation credibility. Our company implement the strategy of independent innovation, to build an innovation-oriented enterprises. Welcome the masses of customers sincere cooperation, a total exhibition ambitious. Company address: chemical industrial park your demand is the pursuit of, wait for you to inquire guangzhou exhaust cleaner agent, exhaust cleaner
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