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Environmental protection technology _ large supply of oil to sell good exhaust cleaner in fujian province

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-20
Environmental protection technology _ large supply of oil to sell good exhaust cleaner in guangzhou in 2008 formally established, our company is specialized is engaged in the petrochemical industry of retail enterprise, follow the 'good faith service, strives for perfection' the work ethic, years of effort to get the identity and led by a large number of domestic and foreign demand groups as confidant, innovative technology and professional services for demand group provides the complete solution of exhaust cleaner, obtained the customer recognition and praise! Environmental protection technology _ large supply of oil to sell in guangzhou good exhaust cleaner. Exhaust cleaner: there are ten big advantage: 1, 2, 3 huge market, all countries to support in place of petrol diesel 4, quality insurance company accept insurance 5, rapid cycling consumer products replace at any time convenient 6, 7, 8, 9 patents 10, rigid demand, economic environmental protection through strict process deployment of a new type of environmentally friendly fuel, antiknock performance is good, research octane number ( RON) Increased with the increase of the mix. Burning effluent toxicity is smaller than the ordinary leaded gasoline, less carbon monoxide content in the exhaust. Clean combustion performance is good, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve the power, used as a motor gasoline substitute broad prospects. Many countries made extensive use of test, some also used in industrialization. Automobile exhaust cleaner ( Also known as low carbon gas, new energy, oil, etc. ) Our main core technology is in the fuel into the internal combustion engine heat burns produce chemical reaction, the detonator and phase transformation catalyst began to work, will be redundant components for secondary combustion converted into heat energy and mechanical energy, reducing emissions increase motivation! This technology is currently the world within the scope of the blank and, to do such kind of projects don't have to worry about competition! What is the harm carbon deposition on the engine? At runtime, automotive engine carbon will unconsciously slow line within the engine, as the growth of the automobile age and mileage, if you ignore the existence of carbon deposition, it is slowly engulfed the engine power, reduce fuel economy, emissions and water temperature increase fuel consumption increased deterioration, but also will accelerate the attenuation motives related parts service life and lead to a series of engine failure. And exhaust cleaner with ordinary product mix is can help fuel system to solve this problem. Car just like people, all the sick is to eat out, people eat the grain, the car eats oil and gasoline, as long as the insides clean body, disease nature, with the exhaust cleaner, let's basic need an oil change after car maintenance, because there is no the carbon deposit, internal organs of the car is very clean, basic don't have other parts can be changed, fuel saving and energy conservation, environmental protection, improve the power, reduce exhaust pollution, the benefit of future generations, to make the day more blue, our spines straight, wallet thanks! Removal of carbon deposition, prolong maintenance cycle engine. Wax and colloid and other impurity content in gasoline is the main components of the formation of carbon deposition, so the trend of high cleanliness of gasoline to form carbon is weaker, join the exhaust cleaner can make regular gasoline octane number to more than 100, the probability of formation of carbon deposition is greatly reduced. Environmental protection technology _ large supply of oil to sell in guangzhou good exhaust cleaner. We in line with 'based on high-tech, the pursuit of, continuous improvement and meet the demand' the quality policy geared to the needs of society, is a company dedicated to the general demand group offers all kinds of excellent professional provider of exhaust cleaner. Companies adhering to the 'adhere to the integrity and the savings to the customer' as the principle core, the basis of constantly to enhance and improve the product, in xiamen, the height of the user recognition and praise! Environmental protection technology _ large supply of oil to sell in guangzhou good exhaust cleaner. Let customer satisfaction is the goal of our work, customer expectations from our love of the industry. We supply exhaust cleaner is mainly use wholesale; Franchising sales in the country, won the many loyal users. The company always adhere to market-oriented, to meet customer demand, we exhaust cleaner by the vast number of consumers trust. After nearly more than 800 tons of products, nearly all vehicles, and millions of kilometers of the test, as well as the national related departments detection, the main performance indicators are better than Beijing, the national standard and the using effect, has the following advantages: 1. Energy conservation and emissions reduction: carbon dioxide emissions by 6% ~ 8%, and 30% less carbon monoxide, sulfur 20% 2. Reduce fuel consumption: 25 ~ 30% 3. To enhance power more than 10% : fuel secondary atomization combustion. 4. Remove carbon: extend the engine maintenance cycle, can be mixed and any gasoline at random, precipitation, clouding phenomenon will not occur. 5. Economic and practical: high quality low price, the cost of production. 2. 0 6 yuan/l. Joint national policy, while the three institutions through domestic detection: national center for environmental science research institute of motor vehicle emission testing; State key laboratory of China university of petroleum heavy oil; National oil product quality supervision and inspection center. 7. Facing the whole country looking for joining agent, transfer provide technical core formula, raw materials in the local simple tesco! Adhering to the 'high demand, high starting point' business philosophy, we will continue to cooperate with the social from all walks of life ability, focus on from a wider range of deeper level for requirements to provide a better, more efficient and more valuable car cleaner products, with the scientific quality assurance system, high-quality staff, to provide users with excellent exhaust cleaner and all-round services. 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