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Environmental protection of methanol gasoline additive production | technology transfer is recommended

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-19
Environmental protection of methanol gasoline additive production | professional technology transfer recommend our company was founded in 2008, is one specialized is engaged in the petroleum chemical industry co. , LTD. Company's business covers the vast, the scale expands unceasingly, construction project, always uphold the good faith management, xin DE services of the enterprise purpose, for the majority of the demand of object provides a good technical transfer, according to the principle of specialization, standardization and cooperative engagement, left a brilliant achievements in the country. Environmental protection of methanol gasoline additive production | technology transfer is recommended. Synthesis, as a new energy with environmental characteristics, as well as with a lot of classification, as to how to divide the difference, generally also lies in the different categories of synthesis, their use and the ratio of the different proportion. As for application, will be because the distinction between different categories under different. This is according to the different types of fuel has the nature of the decision. Convenient: Gao Qingjie room temperature storage, quality validity can be up to 2 years, effectively solve the storage, transportation and sale of the time needed for each link. According to the nature of the vehicle storage cycle due to climate and temperature changes, the key is to control the content of water, Including the external water into) , as long as the correct steps, vehicle at a gas station store for 3 months is ok. Methanol ignitability is bad, in a compression ignition engine, methanol fuel combustion is difficult. At present, the technology of the methanol industry has been relatively mature, technical risk is small. So the development of alcohol industry is an effective complement insufficient oil and natural gas resources in China, the important way to ensure energy security, will help ease the contradiction between supply and demand of natural gas in our country, to speed up the social and economic balanced development. Automotive oil tank vent pipe sealing dry, can add drying device over the vent pipe, generally USES solid desiccant. Solid desiccant available anhydrous calcium chloride, alumina, silica gel, etc. Considering economy, practicability and convenience, it is suggested that using silica gel as a desiccant to change color. Because color silica gel after absorbing water change color, easy to check, and silica gel can be used again after drying. A limit is higher than gasoline ignition of methanol, which can work under and the state of the mixture. According to the gas discharged operational procedures, airtight oil unloading mode should be adopted, reduce loss, quality, environmental protection, improve the gas station safety coefficient. China promote the use of methanol fuel technology, can be directly replace regular gasoline, ease the tight gas, have good environmental benefits at the same time, for the sustainable development of ecological economy, the progress of the society has very important significance. We provide technology transfer has been is famous for its good faith management, highly efficient management team, skilled professional skills, acclaimed in the industry, has a good reputation in xiamen city. Our company is specialized in technology transfer and the corresponding problems to solve, etc for many years, experienced, professional level is high, the ability is strong, use of modern scientific management mode, continuously improve service quality and management level. Environmental protection of methanol gasoline additive production | technology transfer is recommended. Marketing and promoting government departments began mandatory, although more than 93 deal points, but people around me are employed to look down upon the state of mind, so I want to ask the real and the lines of authority - he tried - - - - - - - - - - - - The advantages and disadvantages of? Methanol gasoline additive, is a kind of new clean new energy environmental protection, for the car itself, a little or more applications. Before say hate advantage, to learn about the composition of the first. The composition can be divided into three part of industrial methanol and gasoline and additives. Three is be short of one cannot, keep in mind that the essential of additives, when you will be immediately industrial methanol and gasoline blending in the car application, erosion of metal materials for industrial methanol engine, vulcanized rubber swelling problem, ultra-low temperature rev. , is a high temperature gas resistance, therefore, be sure to add in dealing with this problem. Benefits: 1, can eliminate the engine and its reasonable carbon deposit in fuel pipe system software. Maintenance engine machinery and equipment, increase lifespan. 2, industrial methanol could increase of oxygen content in gasoline, can make petrol ignites more adequate, reasonable reduction of emissions of harmful substances in the sewage. 3, and the octane number is higher than the national standard of gasoline 3 to 5 companies, stronger driving force. Disadvantages: 1, if the additive is not pass, will lead to pay attention to the above damage to the car. Can in large proportion, ascend the characteristics of the car and not cause damage to the car, the important means that the technical content of additives, many industrial methanol content in the only 15% that less and less, important is additive quality is unqualified. At nine dragons new energy technology organisms alcohol compound modifier to industrial methanol to develop modified materials, reasonable processing industrial methanol car eight problems, maintain the long-term application of no loss of car of big accounted. Can do 85% so that the application of industrial methanol content. As a professional technology transfer service company, reliable service mechanism, reasonable project cost is necessary, our service according to calculate the overall cost of billing package, support for online payment; Cash payment; Bank transfer of payment for transactions, and provide free consultation of value-added services, through reasonable and competitive price and perfect after-sales service to meet the need of the development of the future market. Intend to service customers, welcome you the reservation by phone in Monday to Friday; Online booking; To the store to make an appointment; WeChat appointments; QQ to make an appointment; SMS way in advance booking, we would like to sincerely treat each user. Hope the above information is useful to you, there are many related to environmental protection of methanol gasoline additive production, transfer of technology consulting contact information such as you
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