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Energy saving of methanol gasoline additive to join | harmonic gasoline technology transfer

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-10
Energy-saving methanol gasoline additive joined | harmonic gasoline technology transfer since the company founded, we always adhere to the attention to detail, make each technology transfer, pay attention to credibility, strive for excellence, uphold the good faith management, xin DE service service tenet, participated in technology transfer in high-tech, high standard, high starting point, our service with the good faith management characteristics, the demand object such long-term cooperation customer recognition, has created a large number of quality of technology transfer. Energy saving of methanol gasoline additive to join | harmonic gasoline technology transfer. Our company is a technology transfer as the main business of manufacturing co. , LTD. , the company was founded, has always pursued 'good faith management, warm-hearted, service' for the purpose of the service, continuously forge ahead, bold innovation, service object and every demand, is committed to providing efficient transfer of technology, to meet customer demand. Company address: chemical industrial park of methanol fuel market popularize the use of new applications and prospects of methanol fuel, has the following several advantages: 1, high efficient, low prices. Methanol fuel as a safe, environmental protection, diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas of highly efficient, convenient and safe, so have more widely used than diesel and gas range. Not only can replace liquefied petroleum gas used in families, but also can replace diesel oil used in hotels, hotel, bath center, large gear or schools, factories and other enterprises and institutions canteens. In addition, with the international energy prices, the domestic diesel oil, gas and other traditional energy prices are rising, and methanol fuel prices are much lower than the traditional energy, this is an advantage that nots allow to ignore. 2, clean environmental protection, policy support, compared to methanol fuel than traditional carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 40%. Using methanol as cooking fuel, alternatives to traditional fuels, will improve the worsening environmental problems. With diesel fuel as the kitchen, will produce large amounts of carbon black, make people living around the hotel and hotel chef from its harm; The healthy body. The products of the reaction, and biological alcohol oil burning to water vapour and carbon dioxide, harmless to human body, no peculiar smell, not the bottom of the pot. New methanol fuel, can fundamentally ease the fuel gas supply and demand contradiction, protect earth's environment and people's health, belong to the energy conservation and environmental protection project of national policy advocacy, policy of positive support, will be to be able to make a project to promote the wind. 3, adapt to the market, the wide prospect with the high-speed development of economy, energy demand will become more and more big, however the gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, all traditional energy because of the increasingly scarce in prices. As a new environmental protection energy, methanol fuel price advantage, environmental protection, security advantages highlighted increasingly, will certainly win the masses of users, are widely used in the production and living, which have broad market. 4, convenient and safe, long easy methanol under normal temperature storage, without pressure cylinders, transportation and use of the convenient and quick, safe and reliable. Is car fuel alternative, it is an important part of the new energy. Crude oil is the world's most important primary energy, the essence of the current energy shortage is the shortage of crude oil. Vehicle fuel is the main field of application of crude oil accounts for more than 70% of global oil consumption. Energy saving of methanol gasoline additive to join | harmonic gasoline technology transfer. Exhaust cleaner: there are ten big advantage: 1, 2, 3 huge market, all countries to support in place of petrol diesel 4, quality insurance company accept insurance 5, rapid cycling consumer products replace at any time convenient 6, 7, 8, 9 patents 10, rigid demand, economic environmental protection through strict process deployment of a new type of environmentally friendly fuel, antiknock performance is good, research octane number ( RON) Increased with the increase of the mix. Burning effluent toxicity is smaller than the ordinary leaded gasoline, less carbon monoxide content in the exhaust. Clean combustion performance is good, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve the power, used as a motor gasoline substitute broad prospects. Many countries made extensive use of test, some also used in industrialization. Our company high coverage, efficient service for several companies and institutions recognition, is a specific demand object provides excellent technology transfer of professional companies. The company technology transfer - according to the consultation Make plan - The cooperation process to sign the project cooperation, signing a contract during the cooperation the two sides should abide by the end of the matters dealt with in accordance with the contract and service, payment settlement of terms of service, our company will with professional spirit to provide you with safe, economic and professional services. The company pursues 'the good faith management, warm-hearted, service' of the enterprise purpose, as always to push the development of the technology transfer of industry, in petrochemical industry has achieved excellent results. Our company will be under the guidance of scientific concept of development, according to the development strategy, development, continuous innovation, further enhance visibility, reputation and loyalty, to the international transfer of technology companies. For more details on technology transfer, please call contact us to know
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