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Car - young mother liquor Use the exhaust cleaner of supply and marketing

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-08
Car - young mother liquor Use the exhaust cleaner of supply and marketing in our company since its inception 2008, focusing on the demand for customers to provide good exhaust cleaner. Company timely follow-up dynamic trend, based on a new starting point, create a new situation. Has advanced production processing equipment and professional packaging production line, new product development cycle is short, strong ability, high precision, advanced manufacturing technology. Welcome the masses of demand for customers to come to cooperation. Car - young mother liquor Use the exhaust cleaner of supply and marketing. What is blending blending technology is to use refinery production of some of the national standard or non-standard product, light hydrocarbon generated in oil field production, Condensate) After refining plant refined processing and chemical products, complementary with some additives, the synthetic meets customer requirement of national standard gasoline and diesel oil, to achieve lower costs, to save an application technology of oil resources. Petrol and diesel blending technology in the field of foreign oil trade has been very mature, such as available antiknock, 90 # gasoline tuned into oil, 93 #, 97 #, will - 5 #, 0 # diesel oil synthetic - 10 # oil for sale. In our country, every year there are hundreds of tons products, because of the low octane number, RON only 40 - 60 or so, in addition to a small number of into the reforming unit production high octane number gasoline components, most can only sell in ethylene cracking raw materials, prices are low and unstable, if we take the mixing technology, through the refined remove sulfur, and mixed with high octane number components, add the dope, adjustable out 90 # and 93 # gasoline, it can save considerable oil resources for the country. We can see from this, petrol and diesel blending technology is the effective cost savings, effective use of the existing oil resources of the effective ways to an application technology, should be vigorously promoted here at home, may be someone asks, blending work? Reliable quality, to answer this question, must from the process of refinery production. We adhering to the 'excellence, innovation' the spirit, not only in the field of exhaust cleaner production and sales of walk the road of independent innovation, is the relentless pursuit of high quality in terms of service. Exhaust cleaner has been use wholesale; Retail; Direct sale, the company wholeheartedly for customer service, product after sales information consultancy service of the product, and provide free from demand the customer to choose the products of the trouble back at home. Car - young mother liquor Use the exhaust cleaner of supply and marketing. 1. Low cost: ensure the quality, our company provide product price of naked straight, no middlemen to earn price difference, a greater profit. 2. Competitive small: automobile exhaust cleaner is a new maintenance products, not on the market at present, benchmarking investment preempted the market now. 3. No off-season: auto supplies for season there is no limit, can use all the year round, 365 days throughout the year make a profit. 4. Easy operation: without entrepreneurial experience, there is no limit to the record of formal schooling, have store management, no shop agent, as well as sitting on big gains. 5. Price concessions: he is suitable for the public, suitable for all gasoline vehicles use and the price is reasonable, economical and practical, high quality and low price. Environmentally friendly: is there a maintenance engine, prolong the service life of the engine function, can really play a role for energy conservation and emissions reduction, for we did a lot to improve environmental protection. Exhaust gas cleaning effect of five: 1, security, environmental protection, reduce emissions, reduce a large proportion of the exhaust emissions. Generated in the process of fuel combustion to reduce pollution, exhaust gas carbon dioxide is also relatively reduce, carbon monoxide, sulfur decreases. If this technology was introduced, according to the current car ownership, automobile exhaust emissions in at least 9 million tons. 2, enhance motivation: exhaust cleaner work can be injected into the combustion chamber of the oil mist, stronger than gasoline performance, enhance the power. 3, reduce fuel consumption, exhaust cleaner make the oil mist has enough oxygen combustion operation, secondary to work and save fuel consumption, reduce the cost price. 4, remove carbon: extended with power maintenance cycle. To reduce the risk of natural and explosion. Gasoline wax and colloid and other impurity in the object is to form carbon ingredient, so the trend of high cleanliness of gasoline to form carbon is weaker, join the exhaust cleaner can make regular gasoline octane number to more than 100, formation of carbon deposition risk is greatly reduced. 5, engine protection: can any gasoline and the random mix. Precipitation, corrosion phenomenon will not occur. Your satisfaction is our pursuit, integrity management is the key to open the market. In recent years, our company are flawed in petrochemical industry, demand for customers to solve problems to buy exhaust cleaner, obtain good evaluation, is a worthy of your trust co. , LTD. We have a place in the industry, the company wholeheartedly welcome the broad masses of customers visit the company to visit and guide. Address: chemical industrial parks above is about car teenager mother liquor, the detailed information of the exhaust cleaner if there are any questions, please call contact, have professional staff to answer for you
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