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Model No: G-1214B

Getsun car wax supreme polish

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  • Type:Wax
  • Place of Origin:CN;Gz
  • Model Number:G-1214B
  • Brand Name:GETSUN
  • Expiration Date:3 Years
  • Weight:500ml
  • Use:Polishing
  • Used on:Auto Body
  • Application:Scratch Polishing Wax
  • Shape:Liquid
  • Function:Repair Car Paint Scratch
Product Description

This is a product with overall updated formula, rich in natural carnauba wax, polymer and unique element of crystal coating. Once used, it make the paintwork keep the state of high gloss, and effect of deep moisture, brightness, and long lasting protection for paintwork. Even effectively resist the harm from UV, acid and chemical dust, make your car show constant charm. Suitable for the polish and protection for paintwork which cars is middle to high class, and the care for old cars after renovation.

cars from middle to high class with all kinds of paintwork


1.Wash & dry the vehicle.

2. Apply BOBIO White Wax evenly and thinly with an applicator to a part of the surface and form a uniform wax film on the paintwork.

3. Let the wax film slightly dry, polish with a clean & dry BOBIO towel to a high gloss.


NameSupeme Polish
Product Size


12pc packing in one carton


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