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Car oil - Fujian value of gasoline

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-06
Car oil, guangzhou content value of gasoline, since 2008 since its establishment, our company have high quality gasoline in petrochemical field. The company is located in the beautiful chemical industrial park, convenient transportation and a good work atmosphere, let employees in the practice of innovation of enterprise culture. Attaches great importance to product quality, every production process strictly control, is we to the customer the guarantee of rights and interests. We implement strategy, and actively expand the market, expand sales channels. Car oil, Algeria's official news agency the ATongShe recently published titled 'Algeria will be from 2021 began to export fuel', full text articles are as follows: Algiers refinery general manager hassan booker hoffa ( HassenBoukhalfa) Said on Monday that the refinery upgrade and modernization project will make Algeria can export since 2021 gasoline. Algeria in 2019, nearly 2. 7 million tons of gasoline production, to meet the needs of the national market of about 4 million tons, still need to import this kind of fuel. General manager, explains that with the increase of oil refinery capacity, the country should be self-sufficient in 2020, and since 2021 the remaining products for export. Booker hoffa completion ceremony of the new factory in Algiers, general manager of the refinery, said as the west, 2024's ( Anwar granite province) New refinery production, production capacity will further increase. He added, according to the national oil and gas company, in 2026, Algeria's output will reach 7 million tons, 2 million tons will be used for export markets abroad. As for diesel, Algeria will continue to import this type of fuel until 2023, and then as Mr West, ude oil refinery startup in 2024 began to export for the first time. Diesel yield more than 8. 5 million tons in 2019, Algeria, while the consumption of more than 10 million tons. Diesel demand is expected in the next four years will not have too big change, but by 2024, domestic production will increase sharply, to about 12. 5 million tons. According to the data provided by the booker hoffa, managing, Algeria's oil refinery capacity in 2025 and 2026 will continue to excess meet domestic needs, all the local production of 4 million tons of 16 million tons of fuel will be used for export. Adhere to people-oriented, fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, give full play to the talent value. For the convenience of customers to buy our gasoline, we support a variety of payment, such as online payment; Cash payment; Bank transfer; Cash on delivery. Cooperate with many logistics companies, such as the land; Water transport; Air freight. We promised to deliver the goods within the day, please be patient. Honesty, innovation, sustainable development, create economic benefits at the same time in the service of society. We have a complete gasoline supply chain, to provide you with safe and reliable products, perfect service and long-term experience of industry knowledge, dry goods. Company production of gasoline is mainly used for automobile, etc. Companies with market, rapid response, pay attention to market feedback, always walk in front of the industry. Car oil, guangzhou content value of gasoline, we insist on the good faith management idea, the spirit of innovation, is committed to producing excellent gasoline, firmly believe that quality is the life of the product. To carry out the innovation management, the pursuit of fair competition, advocating the spirit of pragmatic, the healthy development of the company. Welcome like-minded industry colleagues with us hand in hand, create brilliance. We have alcohol gasoline, oil, gas composition, such as gasoline label information such as your knowledge consulting, welcome calls to contact us
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