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car maintenance checklist to curb the summer heat

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-02-26
Summer is coming and you may feel hot not only at home but in the car.
Driving your car can be a considerable challenge as temperatures rise to 42 degrees Celsius, especially during the day.
However, it is not just you who suffer.
Your vehicle will also experience temperature changes, which can cause failures and damage.
Most are not visible, so it is important to check your car before driving in the sun.
Put your car in a tip.
This convenient car maintenance list will be the top model this summer.
If you think the traffic jam is the worst this summer, think again.
Imagine that at noon, the air conditioner was broken and the traffic was blocked.
Sounds like hell, right?
During this season, make sure your car\'s air conditioner is in good condition by system check.
First feel the air from the air conditioner and evaluate how hot, cold or cold it is.
If the air is not as cold as it should be, there may be a airflow problem.
Car repair professionals are requested to check your air conditioning system to prevent further inconvenience.
When was the last time you changed oil?
Pay attention to your oil change as the oil can keep your engine running smoothly.
When the oil filter protects the engine from dirt and debris, the oil lubricate the engine parts.
Hot summer can put pressure on your oil system, so be sure to change the oil and oil filter as recommended by professionals.
If you are using the old model, the usual interval is at least 5,000 miles.
But if your car is made after 2000, you can change it from at least 10,000 miles or as advised by your car maker.
Another reason for your car\'s temperature rise is that the radiator is broken.
Occasionally a radiator test is performed to check the health of the radiator.
Check the radiator pressure cover and overflow tank of your vehicle.
Did you see any signs of leaking water?
Be careful, because one of the leaks will slowly reduce the coolant of the vehicle, resulting in air conditioning and engine failure.
Check the overflow tank when your engine is cold;
If the level is between the minimum and maximum, then your vehicle may be working properly.
This is another one.
Your car maintenance list is smarter.
Be sure to park your car indoors to avoid the sun.
However, if you can\'t find an indoor parking space, you can park in the shade.
Exposing the dashboard to the sun will change its surface color and deteriorate, while excessive heat will scorch the steering wheel.
It\'s also wise to invest in reflective umbrellas to prevent your car from turning into a sultry sauna.
If you know your location, parking in the shaded area won\'t even cost you anything.
Imagine if your battery is dead when you get stuck in another traffic jam.
Too much heat will accelerate the chemical reaction inside the battery and greatly shorten the life of the battery.
It can also damage your battery by vaporizing the internal fluid.
Keep the battery clean to prevent these situations from happening.
Remove and clean its cables regularly and ensure the safety of all connections after connection.
If the lid is removable, you should also check the level of the battery.
Otherwise, you can ask professionals to do so.
Car seats with peculiar smell are common in summer.
Heat, sweat, and air-conditioned steam can easily build up bacteria, mold, and spores, bringing an unpleasant smell to your seat.
Invest in a car deodorant to keep it fresh and fragrant.
Wash the car at least once a week to minimize internal damage and prevent dust and dirt from scratching the surface of the vehicle.
No one really wants to take a car with a smelly seat, especially if the trip is long.
By cleaning the interior of your car, you will give yourself and your passengers a huge help.
Read more: 10 undervalued summer destinations you can travel through CarSizzling Road, which is not good for your tires;
They just make them vulnerable to inflation and external damage. Beware of this.
You don\'t want your tires blown off during the trip, do you?
Check your tire pressure frequently and be careful of materials such as stones and nails that may damage your tire tread.
Keep the tires intact at all times;
Make sure there is no crack, no uneven wear and sufficient depth of the tread.
If you want to be smart, you can invest extra tires in case of road emergency.
High temperature and low coolant levels make the engine prone to overheating.
Don\'t let this happen.
Vehicles that break down in remote locations are not a summer adventure, so keep the engine cool and the coolant level moderate.
In addition, always check the symptoms of the overheated engine, such as rising thermometers, warning lights, and steam rolling on the hood.
If you see these signs on the road, drive the car to a safe place, turn off the engine, wait for your vehicle to cool down, and then fully open the hood.
Finally, even though the hot summer weather requires you to double your car maintenance.
This is why it is important to prepare a car maintenance list before the summer vacation trip.
Not only will it make your car look new, it will keep you safe on the road.
If you need further assistance, just take your car to an approved car store to ensure its performance.
During this hot summer, be aware that your car condition will keep you cool, both literally and figuratively.
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