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by:Getsun Car Care     2020-02-29
If used properly, the car wax can remove the dull paint from the outside of the car and make it look new.
Experts suggest that if you have an old car, hit wax at least twice a year or more.
Doing so prevents dirt from piling up and makes your car look new even after years of use.
Don\'t confuse the car polish with the car wax. These are two very different chemicals, each of which can make a very important contribution to your car maintenance.
The car light remover can clean your car\'s surface with its gentle grinding performance depth.
A good car polish can reduce paint defects by deflecting light.
However, be careful to buy cars for polishing;
Because there are cheap varieties that leave a residue, your car paint becomes dim.
Invest in car polishing that is easy to wipe and buff.
There\'s a very useful Teflon-
The base additives on the market today help to keep the oil in its highest condition, even if you forget to change it for a long time.
These additives have been shown to extend engine life, and experts advise owners to use them every 50,000 miles.
It is not enough to keep the outside of the car clean. More importantly, the interior should also be cleaned and maintained.
Detail your car once a year, or buy the right product and scrub it yourself.
Proper shampooing can remove all the dirt accumulated over time on the dashboard, side line, ceiling and seat.
Be careful not to overdo, though, because too much scrubbing can cause the color of the leather or fabric to fade.
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