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Brushless electronic fan is the first choice for car radiator fan

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-02-25
Whether it is a fuel-fired gas vehicle or a new energy vehicle, a radiator fan is indispensable in the vehicle cooling system. The water tank needs the assistance of the radiator fan during the heat dissipation process. There are many kinds of car radiator fans, and the rapid development of new energy vehicles has driven the popularity of car electronic fan cooling technology. It can be said that brushless electronic fans have become the first choice for car radiator fans. As early as 2000, electronic fans began to dissipate heat from domestic passenger car engines. At present, the heat dissipation of electronic fans for automobile radiator fans has been extended to the public transportation field. With the popularity of new energy buses, hybrid buses, pure electric buses and pure electric buses all come standard with electronic fans to dissipate heat. Not only that, but now the radiator fan has transitioned from a brushed electronic fan to a brushless electronic fan. What are the advantages of using brushless electronic fans in automobile radiators compared with brushed electronic fans? As we all know, the car radiator and the cooling fan are integrated and installed, and the fan plays a role in accelerating the heat exchange of the radiator. The heat exchange demand of the car's radiator is not fixed. When the coolant temperature is high, the heat exchange demand is large; When the coolant temperature is low, the heat exchange demand is small. This requires the cooling fan to identify the radiator requirements and change the fan speed to provide more air volume to match. This is actually the intelligent withdrawal of the cooling fan. The brushed electronic fan controls the running state through the relay, and there are only two types of air volume at most. The brushless electronic fan is connected to the automobile ECU through the CAN bus, so you CAN try to read the coolant temperature. At the same time, the brushless electronic fan is driven by a brushless motor, and the characteristics of stepless speed change fully meet the air volume requirements of the radiator. In addition, the brushless electronic fan has the advantages of excellent technical performance, long service life and maintenance-free, coupled with the maturity of technology and the decline of cost, it has already emerged in the competition of brush electronic fans. According to the data from Suzhou Yuli technology, the mainstream service provider of commercial vehicle cooling system, the use of brushless electronic fans for automobile radiator fans is the mainstream of all passenger cars, commercial vehicles and construction machinery vehicles in the future.
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