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Boiler patent technology transfer - oil Sellers have public praise of the exhaust cleaner when Getsun

by:Getsun Car Care     2020-05-03
Boiler patent technology transfer - oil Have a reputation of the exhaust cleaner vendors when we create our company up to now, pragmatic innovation, product design novel, the price is reasonable. For me is located in the chemical industrial park, the specialty is engaged in the exhaust cleaner business sales, serious and responsible, strict product quality to customers. We adhering to the 'human nature is changed, specialization,' the purpose, to create a 'good management, good service' team of professionals. By customers in the petrochemical industry. Boiler patent technology transfer - oil Sellers have public praise of the exhaust cleaner when belong to us. Automobile exhaust cleaner production completely green environmental protection raw material, need not again the exploitation of the few remaining fossil energy, but completely through the use of domestic waste, agricultural waste, made of refined processing. So it won't produce pollution in the process of production and use of or any damage, ecological environmental value is much taller than traditional energy. Products produced not only damage the earth's ecosystem, but also protect the environment, do waste resources recycling, ecological environmental protection is indeed. In addition, the automobile exhaust cleaner also has high thermal efficiency, heat value, good thermal conductivity, thermal robust, reliable, safe, convenient transportation, etc. Compared with the counterparts on the market of green energy, green eton automobile exhaust cleaner burning under the same volume of calorific value is higher than other products, and able to burn fully, won't produce other pollution. Principle of exhaust cleaner, drive a car, people know that the car at the time of oil fired not direct burning of oil, the oil atomizing, the increase of detonator touch will instantly after oil mist, purpose is to put the oil completely broken, so burn more fully, so the combustion chamber of the oil mist through thickening agent. Each oil foggy city, increase the area of the combustion chamber, at the same time can improve the power, oil mist in the combustion would produce water, Often see the exhaust pipe to drop phenomenon) Phase transformation catalyst will water into hydrogen ions and oxygen ions, so oxygen can burn, will continue to work at this time of secondary combustion, then burn oxygen instead of oil, thereby reducing fuel consumption. So due to inadequate burning oil burning, too many impurities to form coke, then increases the detonator and the phase transformation catalyst is the burning of oil mist instantly break, can let the burning and burning are fully burning, such cases, there is no carbon deposit, which can sort fully burning of carbon deposit before you, then carbon deposit to clear the life span of the engine will be extended, it represents longevity. Reduce emissions: now that are fully burning clean, then exhaust emissions are nothing, so as to achieve the effect of reducing emissions. Boiler patent technology transfer - oil Sellers have public praise of the exhaust cleaner when belong to us. Automobile exhaust cleaner is on the car's tank liquid, main raw material is methanol. In place of petrol in the tank in combustion. Automobile exhaust cleaner can effectively remove the carbon deposition in the tank, your car engine power, reduce the engine noise. And it's important is that it is much cheaper than gasoline, car exhaust cleaner 2 per kg cost. 4 - 2. Five or so, priced at 4 - 4. 5. And now the price of per liter gasoline in 7 yuan, compared with cheaper than gasoline nearly half. The first vehicle Suggestions: 1. For a year or so new car can be directly seven than three proportion, such as adding a bucket of one hundred yuan of 92 # gasoline exhaust cleaner 2. Five years of car two hundred yuan 92 # gasoline filling a bucket of exhaust cleaner 3. More than five years to ten years old car suggested that 200 yuan of 92 # gasoline add half a bucket of exhaust cleaner. When your car use after four or five cases of oil in the engine carbon ratio completely clean again add a large number of exhaust cleaner, low-emission vehicles until use 30% exhaust cleaner, but advice and gasoline ratio of moderate use, power will be very strong. We scale up to> 10, and continue to grow. Companies adhere to customer orientation, the application for this strategy, continue to focus on the use efficiency, attentively treat every customer, help customers profit! By our distribution supply exhaust cleaner sales have been good, highly demand groups of all ages. Company is willing to work with customers and partners work together to grow together, common development. Grasp the opportunity in the world, with you hand in hand, create brilliance. We rely on excellent exhaust cleaner and price advantage are very popular with users. We are responsible for every exhaust cleaner, service demand for all groups, has been adhering to the 'quality first, integrity management' principle, warmly welcome new and old customers to visit, negotiate, connive win-win cooperation! Address: chemical industrial park want to know something about oil boiler patent technology transfer, exhaust cleaner can call for more information on the visit, we can meet your need
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