Getsun 2015 New Tire weld 450ML G-1116B
Getsun 2015 New Tire weld 450ML G-1116B
Getsun 2015 New Tire weld 450ML G-1116B
Getsun 2015 New Tire weld 450ML G-1116B
Getsun 2015 New Tire weld 450ML G-1116B

Getsun 2015 New Tire weld 450ML G-1116B

USD 0.80-1.50 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
100 pieces
Supply Ability:
500000 pieces / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Type:tire weld
  • Size:27.5x21x23.6cm
  • Brand Name:Getsun
  • Warranty:3

Car tire emergency repair agent standing a can of GETSUN even peek into the tire was run into unexpected burst, you can also safe, fast, simple and drove home without on-site tire change. GETSUN only applicable to tubeless tires.




  1. slow down-tire, the driving speed should not be more than 45km
  2. GETSUN emergency tire repair agent should not be used to repair a large hole or side hole; can not be used have been dismantled from the rims of the tires.


l      The product features a unique automatic filling repair agent can be quickly and effectively into the tires to ensure operation saves time and effort.


l      This product is applicable to all cars.


l      Proposed storage location: car trunk


l      Tire, it should immediately start the car, driving under the recommended speed of 10-20km, in order to repair agent evenly distributed in the tire, filling pressure is gradually released. Find the nearest car service points, according to the depot manual adjustment of tire pressure. To the point of tire replacement tires on the failure to replace or repair.




  1. Leading to tire out the foreign body perforation, and perforation of rotation to the bottom of the tire, put the tire deflated. shake the repair agent well, such as low temperatures can be hot hand or the car air-conditioning heating properly.
  2. Cleaning tire valve, if possible, the best place to turn to the clock valve 10-2 point method, the connecting pipe and valve on the pretext of tightening, confirmed a strong, open the safety seat.
  3. one-handed vertical control tank, the other hand knob to the ON switch the direction of 90 degrees, repair agent began to tire in auto filling, after filling, if repair agent overflow, can quickly be washed away. If you need to stop filling in use, simply switch knob to the OFF direction can be rotated 90 degrees, when the repair agent release in completed, the tire inflation status of recovery, be sure to first switch OFF knob 90 degrees, and then from the valve on the screw under the interface, screw on the valve cap.


Exclusions: removal from the rims of the tire under`


Crack: perforation diameter exceeding 5mm. Sidewall of the hole


1 bottle of 400ml pressure tank=a simple to use=a maintenance




To dear users: in the tire repair tire repair point, please inform in advance repair technicians, this tire used GETSUN emergency tire repair agent for technicians in the repair before the flat tire act accordingly. Point might be some repair charge a small additional cost. To dear technician: GETSUN emergency tire repair agent is different from other tire emergency repair agent , will not damage rubber and tire walls will be stripped repair agent, may repair tires in accordance with conventional forces, please open, well-ventilated environment to work. Not to swim at or near the tire rim department welding.


Other applications: convertible, SUV, minivan, trailers.







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